Boot the Playstation 3 into safe mode

What some people don’t know how to do til it’s to late is how to boot the Playstation 3 into safe mode, they already bricked their Playstation 3 and start to panic and worry since the device is out of warranty.

It seems that the the Playstation 3 firmware version 4.45 update landed before it got a chance to be tested, there are reports of about 90% coming from 500GB-1TB hard drive being affected.

What you will need:

  1. Time.
  2. Patience.

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Trixbox Password

It has been awhile since I updated my site but I’ve started another new job and have been here 4 months and I love it here! One of the many things I get to work with is Trixbox a software PBX based off of Asterisk. I know my way around Linux and I have managed to lock this server down using iptables but one thing that gets me is the default password is password, not a very secure password and needs to be changed as soon as you install it. To change the password simply access a terminal session and make sure you are root and run this command:


That’s the command you are looking for, it will change the password for the maint account so you can access your portal and look at the system.

IPv6 Day

On June 6 2012 we celebrate IPv6 or IPv6 Day. For those of you unfamiliar IPv6 can handle 2^128 addresses compared to IPv4 which is 2^32,

Google has setup a nice Overview of it located here.

I guess I should be thinking about updating my Motorola Surfboard to at least a Surfboard 61xx to finally get my IPv6 started!

Sysadmin fail

The last job I was with really did some weird things, they loved to store all of there clients username’s and password’s in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. I will let you take a moment to catch yourself because I was stunned by how stupid this idea was and why they even went thru with this. Now this is a company that has over 100+ users, some are onsite others work from remote locations, so when a ticket comes in to create a new username and password I would have prayed that the file is not currently opened from another technician’s computer. Not only could we not write to the file if it was already opened but what if someone was sniffing the network and used arp poisioning and saw this file?

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Windows 7 missing shortcuts

I recently had to help a client who got infected with Malware on their PC, of course it was connected to a domain and that means they are other variables to take into effect. I removed the infection off the computer and used the unhide tool to unhide hidden files and folders but for some reason some thing where missing for the Start Menu so in order to get those back you need to navigate to:


Inside this folder you will find the missing shortcuts.


One little trick I like to use in Linux and Mac OS X is when I want to know the external IP address of the machine I am working on is to use curl along with a website called

We can begin with something very easy to get the external IP address we need to open your favorite terminal and issue this command:


Pretty simple right? Well you can take if even farther and create scripts to call for more options such as: Remote Hosts, Port, and User Agent, all of these options depend on’s website, so for example that I wanted to get the Remote Host I would issue:


New Job

I finally got a new job in the IT world, I will be doing Desktop Support within a company so expect my new post will be containing more Windows based articles!

I am also trying to finishing up my dnsmasq and tftp article because I have feeling I am going to need it soon.