About Me

My name is Karl Ahlers and I have always had a high interest in technology, I have been repairing computer systems for well over a decade, I like the challenges that come with computers, it’s not like doing the same task everyday each day can present a new challenge that relies on a set of problem solving skills. My first experience comes with learning how to change directories and print text when DOS came out, later on when Windows 95 came out I learned how to install it by using the floppy disks! I was very lucky enough to get a preview of Windows 98 from my father and have been learning what the differences between Windows 95 &  Windows 98. I skipped past the dreaded Windows ME era, and never got into Windows 2000 and I only caught onto Windows XP for a few months but the changes between Windows 9x and XP where like night and day and it was fun to see how far apart and yet closely related they are.

Only after having Windows XP installed on my first custom built computer(Which was water cooled), my friend John has always mentioned I should try out Linux and with a lot of help from my friend Jamey, I had successfully had Mandrake 9 Linux installed on my computer and my new experience with Linux has started. To this day I only run Linux machines on my computers, I have over the course of the years migrated to Gentoo Linux and have stayed with the Operating System for over 8 years(I only had to reinstalled Gentoo only twice in this span) until I decided it time to try something out that did not require a lot of maintaing just to install so I moved over to Ubuntu. Linux taught me a lot of things such as configuring DHCP and DNS servers, compiling my own kernel and successfully booting from it, setting up PXE to install an OS from over the network, the list goes on but the fact was that all this information was readily availible to me and at no cost!

When I was watching the World Series back in 2009(I’m a Red Sox fan hoping that the Yankees would lose to the Phillies) I saw the first Motorola Droid commercial, it was the iDon’t campaign, pretty much targetting Apple’s iOS and from that point I knew that my first smartphone would be the Droid!  The Motorola Droid or OG Droid as some call it was the first Android smartphone on Verizon’s network and on November 6th 2009 I had gotten it.  One of the reasons for this purchase was to learn about what powered it, which was simple: Android. Android was powered by the Linux kernel(2.6.x). Myself being a fan of Open Developement knew that this was the right way to go, there was no need to purchase any Software Developement Kit(SDK) was freely availible to anyone.


I am currently looking to get a full-time position in a Desktop Support but in the meantime I am studying to get CCNA certified so I can begin to look for jobs that pertain to Networking.

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