Acer Aspire D250 flickering screen

Today I was looking at an Acer Aspire D250 netbook for a client, they told me the screen would flicker and randomly shut off on them and on top of it, it would sometimes not turn on. This left me thinking it could be a huge problem such as a motherboard issue, or even replacing the LCD itself, I had no idea what I was going to get myself into but after replacing, removing devices, and taking the netboot apart I figured it out.

The Acer Aspire D250 flickering screen is caused when the hard drive caddie touches the wireless antenna. I noticed when the hard drive was inside the caddie in the netbook if I moved the screen just slightly the display would go into sleep mode. It wasn’t til I tried booting TRK PXE image without the hard drive in was when I noticed the problem.

As you can see in first image there is the white antenna that was causing the issue for me. I had to take apart the whole netbook in order to get to the antenna wire, I had to push it back just a little bit and set it in place so it would not move from place.

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