Debian Linux

I don’t really go off on rants but right now I am on a Debian Linux kick. It started off with trying to understand how PXE(Pre Execution Environment) works under Linux which once you get yourself familiar with Debian or even Ubuntu you can navigate your way around to installing packages, checking logs, start/restarting/check statuses of daemon’s the list goes on but I decided to install tftp and dnsmasq and give PXE a shot.

In short I have successfully managed to boot Clonezilla off the network. This idea came to me when working on a friend’s netbook which doesn’t have a CD-ROM drive meant that I wanted to reduce the amount of time incase the Operating System stops working; no one wants to reinstall the Operating System let alone install ALL the drivers again, it takes alot of time but I managed to create an image of the netbook with working drivers.

A Howto for PXE should be coming up soon but for now I am in awe with Debian Linux.

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