One thing that I am afraid to admit to now a days is upgrading my Linux Distrobution, not because of fear of new packages or how the system might break if I don’t update configuration files correctly, it’s because of the fact that I might lose Amarok 1.4.  Amarok 1.4 has been the best Music Player I have come across on any platform.  I have been spoiled with a stable Music Player that doesn’t crash when playing MP3, FLAC, and other files.  I love how it displays music, cover albums, last time you’ve played a song, first time you played a song, the list goes on, but I know at some point I cannot always have my Amarok 1.4 and I hoped at this point Amarok 2.x series would finally be at the level of Amarok 1.4 but thankfully I have found something that will eventually have me switching to another Music Player.

Clementine is based off of Amarok 1.4 which means the UI shares a very good resemblance to Amarok 1.4 but don’t be fooled by looks alone, Clementine has updated the Search Bar that seems to ask me what I would to Search for and gives examples based on the artists that are on my playlist.  The Cover Manager works pretty well and I haven’t been this excited about finding Album Art since Amarok used Amazon to fetch Album Art.  The buttons almost seem the same between the two Music Player’s and it gives me a Welcome feeling to it like I have used it for years.


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