Motorola Xoom ICS Update IML77

The Motorola Xoom ICS Update IML77 has finally landed to my US WiFi Xoom and if you want to learn how to update your Motorola Xoom to Ice Cream Sandwich then click the source link to XDA to follow the instructions.  Ice Cream Sandwich is Google’s latest phone/tablet operating system which intergrates both the phone and the tablet into one unified operating system unlike the last 2 release where strictly only for phones(Froyo) and tablets(Honeycomb).

The new features inside Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich are:

  • Refined UI.
  • Improved Multitasking.
  • Resizable Widgets.
  • Grouping Applications.
  • Swipe to close Applications.
  • Roboto – An easy to read font.
  • Improved Text to Speech.
  • And much more!

Source: XDA

So far after playing around with the tabler version I noticed somethings to be different such as the kernel version on the tablet is while my Galaxy Nexus is 3.0.8, also the tablet version doesn’t have the Face Unlock option which really isn’t a deal breaker but the hopes of having Ice Cream Sandwich would be to have all the features the phone has.

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